:01 Mission

We believe that regardless of lifes circumstances, women should be able to greet the world with effortlessness. Thats why our collections are easy, well-made and flattering. We design well-crafted fashion for the everyday modern and modest woman.

:02 Composition

Making women look and feel effortless begins with the raw passion and raw materials. The way the fabric falls or the way a seam is stitched together makes the difference. IN:05 pieces are all made with specially sourced fabrics that embrace your body and require zero attention.

:03 Design

The silhouettes and cuts are made for the woman on the move. Easily transition, go from home, to car, to meeting. From errands to parenting to an outing, without worrying about looking put-together.

:04 Freedom

Dress is an expression. As much as you want to look effortless you dont want your style stifled. The IN:05 collections are crafted to allow you to mix and match and use your touch to bring joy to each look.

:05 Influence

As we quickly become a house-hold brand, we remain humble with our position of fashion influence. Though we seek to empower the modern woman, we also seek to be a keeper of modesty values.